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curriculum vitae







Nikolic Stanko



78, Gostivarska, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia&Montenegro



+381113970514     +38163442178










Date of birth


11, 06, 1980



Work experience


Dates (from – to)


from 15.01.1997 –to  15.03.1997

Name and address of employer


Com Trade

Type of business or sector


Information tehnology

Occupation or position held


Computer service

Main activities and responsibilities


Repairing, installing hardware, software



Education and training


• Dates (from – to)



• Name and type of organisation providing education and training



• Principal subjects/occupational

skills covered



• Title of qualification awarded


Active  member

• Finished courses at university


Political economy, economy of businesses, sociology, math I ,

Development of economics thought, financial accounting,

International economy, microeconomics, macroeconomics, math II,

English language for economist, business informatics, business information systems, economical-mathematical methods and models, statistics, statistics     software, demographics, operational research, programming language




on the seaside: Greece, Turkey, and Ukraine

on the holidays: CZ. Republic, Poland, Hungary

visiting for one month: CanadaToronto


connections with people:


Tokyo, Toronto



Personal skills

and competences

Acquired in the course of life and career but not necessarily covered by formal certificates and diplomas.


Mother tongue




Other languages




[ ENGLISH, GERMAN ] Macedonian ,

Reading skills


[ Indicate level: very good, good, ]

Writing skills


[Indicate level:  very good, basic.]

Verbal skills


[Indicate level:  very good, basic.]


Social skills

and competences

Living and working with other people, in multicultural environments, in positions where communication is important and situations where teamwork is essential (for example culture and sports), etc.


[Describe these competences and indicate where they were acquired.]


Working and in relations with other people from multicultural environments in AIESEC!

 Teamwork in AIESEC and on the university with colleagues.


Organizational skills

and competences

Coordination and administration of people, projects and budgets; at work, in voluntary work (for example culture and sports) and at home, etc.


[Describe these competences and indicate where they were acquired.]


coordination of students, seminar projects at university


Technical skills

and competences

With computers, specific kinds of equipment, machinery, etc.


[Describe these competences and indicate where they were acquired.]

Working with computers, repairing computers, installing computers in Com Trade and by my self.

Programming in VBA , Excel, Front Page , SPSS, Power Point, Word , Access, JAVA


Artistic skills

and competences

Music, writing, design, etc.


[Describe these competences and indicate where they were acquired.]

Web design


Other skills

and competences

Competences not mentioned above.


[Describe these competences and indicate where they were acquired.]

experience in selling computers, notebooks, computer accessories                                                playing tennis, basketball, table-tennis, swimming, skiing

I had been competing in tennis and chess. 


Driving licence(s)


 B level since 1998


Additional information


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Finished schools and courses:


secondary school: electro-technical school Nikola Tesla in Belgrade

University: Faculty of economics in Belgrade

(Current status undergraduate)



Persons for recommendations:


Danica Popovic: professor of macroeconomics

Rade Stankic: professor of informatics

Charlotte Ozuna: English language fellow